Tuesday, October 07, 2008

JDK 1.4 is being retired...

RIP ... JDK 1.4

If you haven't heard, JDK 1.4 is to officially entier End of Service Life. Over at dzone, Alex Miller comments about and what I find most interesting is that the fact that it's going to be retired is not going to make much difference to the software community. They are going to happily continue using it. If they're still using 1.4 now, I doubt whether it reaching end of Service is going to push them over the edge.

For one thing, software shops which use Websphere are typically still on 1.4 - this is because the big bear IBM is controlling the VM version of those shops and it's going to be a long time before WPS on Java 5 sees the light of day - so though WebSphere 6.1 supports Java 5, Websphere Process Server 6.0 does not. So spare a though for people like us who are still stuck on Java 1.4 and the news that it is going to be retired will be a non even in our lives.

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