Monday, July 31, 2006


Recently I have been assigned to a project at a company about 50 minutes from where I live. I therefore find myself spending a lot of time in traffic. It is less than ideal.

I can remember a friend telling me how he used to use his traveling time to think and make notes etc, possibly on some kind of voice recorder or something. He was making the most of the time spent commuting - it was even more than the time I currently spend commuting.

I felt that I needed to leverage the time spent commuting. In this regard I discovered podcasts. Now I would concede that in more "advanced" societies, i.e. the First World, there is more familiarity with these kinds of concepts, and better access so I am a little behind the times. Nevertheless they have enriched my commuting experience substantially.

I can now spend the time that I otherwise wasted keeping abreast of the latest developments in the tech world - the podcasts are all tech podcasts.

And for those people that think podcasts are much the same as reading the content - they are not, they are far more entertaining and interesting as you can have dialogue between for instance, a protagonist and an antagonist. Besides, I can't read and drive simultaneously.

The regular podcast I listen to:
  • zdnet's podcasts and specifically the "Dan and David Show". - this is the one I listen to regularly. It is a very entertaining and informative podcast for keeping up with the latest trends in the tech world.
I tried the "Mike Tech Show" but it was far too simple.

If you have any podcasts which I should try, then pass them on.

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