Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hudson is cool...

We were using continuum in our environment and eventually instability just go too much for me. It would kick off a build and then half way through the build would fail. It was very irritating. Which is why when I stumbled on hudson I was very glad, glad also because it is very very good. Occasionally an open source product comes along that is so good, so feature rich and just works that you can't believe it is open source.

Some highlights of its features.

  • Handled everything I threw at it, including simultaneous test and compile builds
  • Ubiquitous AJAX, responsive and intuitive interface.
  • Detailed rendering of the changes included in each build
  • Detailed “blame”. In fact will send special emails to the people that actually checked in code before a broken build.
  • Funky test reporting and result tracking - tracks the change in test result state between builds. Also tracks how long a test has been failing for
  • JIRA plugin available (very funky).
  • Still more features which I’m not using.
Today I experimented with its distributed build mechanism, and went "Wow!".

Would like to hear from any fellow hudson users.

btw, if you want me to compare it with continuum, I'll tell you with all due respect that continuum is notepad and hudson is eclipse/intelliJ/netbeans.

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