Monday, November 27, 2006

Google - the new internet

In my day job as a programmer there are a number of sites a frequent fairly often, namely amongst others, the hibernate site and the xdoclet site. What is interesting is that I have found myself using the handy google search box in firefox to find these sites rather than a. use the bookmark or b. type a url into the address bar. It is a pity therefore that the google search box does not allow for a "I feel lucky" invocation as more often than not that is just the site I am looking for.

It's quite interesting to note as if I am only using google to access the internet and always using the I feel lucky selection then whose network am I really browsing. It is as if I'm operating on google's "internal internet!".

And I would be quite happy to do this. Typing in a search term into a google search is far more intuitive than typing or what ever the appropriate url is, I don't know as I just type "hibernate" into the google box and select search.

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